Individual Tax Return Australia

Tax returns by most of Australian’s population are required to be filed yearly. Tax return Australia must include your taxable income for the entire year. In case you have paid more taxes associated to what you are supposed to then you’re entitled to get a refund of this extra amount. If the is that you have paid short of the amount you must pay then you are thought to pay for the shortage amount. For this purpose you must have all the required documents.

You will get back your tax return as earlier as you submit the application. Last date for lodging your own tax return Sydney is 31st October if you are an authorized tax agent. In other way if you are registered tax agent then you will have the special prerogative to lodge your own individual tax return at a later time.

How to start this procedure?

You must have all the required details with you. Such as if you want to claim deductions related to work that are beyond $300 then the statement in white and black should be present. On the other hand if it is less than that amount then there is no need for any receipt. But there would be a need of a proof that these deductions relate to your income. You can proof it by showing/presenting warranty documents, credit card statements, PAYG, invoices or electronic files. See more info here.

Some more required necessary information:

  • Employment Income:

It must also include Pay As You Go, repayment reports and abstracts for the financial year. Besides it must also include friend’s benefits and termination payments for the year.

  • All types of investments:

Investments may include sale or purchase receipts from any capital gain, rental income from any type of property, yearly tax summary planned for funds or trusts and dividends compensated for shareholdings.

  • Centre link pensions:

It includes:

  • Sometimes you receive income from abroad and for this type of income you must have bank statement.
  • The other element that is included in it is interest from bank that you earned throughout taxable year.
  • Work related all expenses:

Work related expenses may include automobile information, travel expenses, protective clothing, self-education, health insurance funds, company uniform etc. So there must be proper evidence of such work related expenses.

  • Tax Offsets:

It includes all that income that is claimable such as medical expenses, childcare rebates, required income information that relates to your spouse, annuity and pension.

  • Some other deductions:

It comprises of gifts, donations given, due tax fee for tax agent (previously unpaid), data of losses for Tax Return Australia. You are required to submit them in time.

Moreover you can use software named e-record for the purpose of keeping and managing all the above mentioned record. It’s easily available through Australian Tax Office site. You can use this software for individual use or else the companies can also use it for tax return purpose. Besides there is also another option for you and that is e-tax, where you can file your online tax return. The advantage of online filing would be that you will get the refund within two weeks.

More info about tax refund in australia here:

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